7 Design Tips to Make Your Home Stand Out on the Market

7 Design Tips to Make Your Home Stand Out on the Market

  • Katie Jackson
The cat’s out of the bag — virtually everyone involved in luxury real estate recognizes Austin, Texas, as a great place to live. This lively city is home to world-class universities, a thriving economy, and a vibrant arts scene. Its most luxurious homes reflect that sophistication inside and out. Austin is also one of the most walkable cities in the country, with plenty of parks and green spaces to enjoy. Plus, thanks to its warm climate, Austin is a fantastic place to live year-round.

Given all these amazing benefits, Austin is a competitive city for home sellers. There are thousands of homes for sale in Austin at any given time, and some may — at first glance — appear the same as yours in the sea of online listings. Of course, when making your debut on the housing stage, you want to make a grand first impression. That’s where interior design comes in.

By teaming up with leading Realtor® Katie Jackson, you’ll have a professional on your side who is highly in tune with the presentation, marketing, and sale of luxury properties. Katie specializes in popular Austin neighborhoods like Zilker, Bouldin Creek, and Tarrytown. If you're selling a home in one of these incredible areas, team up with her for dedicated service and attention to get your home seen and sold in no time.

If you’re aiming to uplevel your design, here are seven simple tips that promise to improve the appeal of your home and increase its value on the market.

1: Start with a focal point

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Every room should have a focal point — the first thing that catches your eye when you enter. Whether it’s a state-of-the-art kitchen, a sprawling living room, or an elegant main bedroom, these centerpieces set the tone visually.

The beauty of universal design principles is that they can be applied differently in each unique space. Savvy interior designers blend color palettes, shapes, and textures to achieve the desired effect. Your luxury home might already feature excellent focal points, like a fireplace, a treasured piece of art, or expansive window walls. In the kitchen, the focal point could be an island with bar seating or a stunning backsplash. In the main bedroom, it could be a four-poster bed or a bay window. If you don't already have a natural focal point in a room, you can create one by hanging a piece of art on a blank wall or adding an area rug to anchor the space.

2: Draw attention to unique features

You want your beloved home to stand out on listing sites — otherwise, buyers are likely to keep scrolling down the page as your property blends in with all the rest.

To create a compelling listing that invites buyers to click for more information, remind them of all your property’s noteworthy features, from its prime location to the astounding views it commands. As Katie will tell you, these tangible attributes directly impact offers and negotiations.

For instance, if your luxury home is within walking distance of Zilker Park, make a point to emphasize that feature in your online listing and repeat it at in-person showings. With no shortage of recreation and adventure spots, Zilker Park and its 351 incredible acres are one of the most popular attractions in all of Austin.

Austin-savvy real estate seekers will clamor at the thought of owning a home in such a premier location. Plus, if you are the proud owner of Zilker real estate, with impressive vistas of the downtown Austin skyline out the windows, be sure to highlight the view in your listing photos and during showings. The same goes for Bouldin Creek real estate — if your property features a wondrous view, open the blinds to let in the natural light and showcase the gorgeous surroundings. Let the landscape speak for itself!

3: Mix textures and patterns

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Another tip to make your home more intriguing and inviting is to mix a variety of textures and patterns throughout the space. Pair a plush throw blanket with a leather sofa, or mix stripes and florals in your bedding. Texture and pattern can also be added through wall coverings, window treatments, pillows, and accessories. An expert in interior design will combine these stylistic elements to add visual interest to any room.

4: Draw inspiration from nature

Photo courtesy of Katie Jackson

Photo courtesy of Katie Jackson
Incorporating natural elements into your home’s design is another excellent way to make it feel warm and welcoming. Adding plants, flowers, and greenery throughout the space can bring the outdoors in — rejuvenating and refreshing the room with new life. You can also include nature-inspired materials, such as stone, wood, and bamboo, to up the ante of your design. For example, you could install hardwood floors made of bamboo or incorporate stone tiles in your kitchen backsplash. When it comes to interior design, always strive to keep live plants clean and self-contained.

5: Invest in home tech

As we increasingly rely on technology, it's crucial to incorporate tech-friendly features into your home’s design and stay up-to-date on the latest upgrades that make life streamlined and simplified. The most useful smart integrations typically involve voice commands, temperature control, remote access, and cameras. Adding these features will make your home more appealing to buyers looking for a modernly convenient property.

Popular tech upgrades include:
  • Smart refrigerators that track the inventory of specific groceries
  • Other kitchen appliances, including smart stoves, toasters, and espresso machines
  • A smart thermostat that learns your schedule and saves energy and money
  • Smart sound systems with speakers distributed throughout your home
  • Smart lighting control
  • Smart security where you can lock the door and check the identity of visitors remotely
  • Pet-related accessories, such as automated feeders and voice intercoms

6: Don't pass over major renovations

A well-done renovation or repair can drastically increase the value and appeal of your property. To get it right, it's essential to consult with an expert real estate agent like Katie. She is well-versed in which features and upgrades local buyers are expecting to see, and she will provide you with accurate estimates of the renovation cost and how much value they will add at the closing table.

Major renovations may include:
  • An inground pool with a deck that can be automated to cover it
  • A complete kitchen remodel with fresh paint, custom cabinets, countertops, backsplash, appliance panel covers, and a hidden pantry
  • A primary bathroom remodel with new showerheads, sauna features, a deep soaking tub, or even a fireplace
  • Integral home features like a new roof, siding, furnace, or air conditioner
If you’re in a high-end neighborhood like Tarrytown, homebuyers will expect a high degree of elegance and opulence. Perform smart and savvy home renovations to stay ahead of the market and create a living space that your neighbors are sure to envy!

7: Consult with professionals

If you are ready to create a showstopping space, reach out to leading Realtor® Katie Jackson for design guidance, top-tier marketing techniques, and more. Between her local expertise and affiliation with Compass Concierge, there’s every reason to seek out Katie’s services.

Compass Concierge fronts you for the cost of every home improvement service imaginable. Katie runs point on Concierge, recommending only those renovations and upgrades that will increase the final price of your house. As vetted vendors complete the projects, Katie prepares your home to list, show, and sell without all the stress.

If you have any questions about selling your home in Austin, or if you're ready to start your Zilker, Bouldin Creek, or Tarrytown real estate journey, contact trusted local Realtor® Katie Jackson today. Katie will provide top-tier design insight to help your home make an impressive entrance on the housing scene.

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Katie’s knowledge of the Austin real estate market is unparalleled. Fluent in Spanish and well-traveled, Katie espouses all the traits of a successful real estate agent. She provides a unique and very local perspective on all areas of Real Estate.

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